Flask, Sanic and Eve, Three Good Web Frameworks For Python

Prepare to improve my English writing ability. I know my English is very stiff, grammar also has many problems. But I still try to persist it. Thanks and sorry for my poor English

In recent years, the performance of Python has been greatly improved. Base on highly asynchronous event processing ability, web framework of Python have been greatly improved. After continued follow-up.  I think the following frameworks are worth future study.

In normal working hours, We use Flask as a web service framework. So I have some preference for flask-like type.

  1. Flask. http://flask.pocoo.org/  We all know, flask has long history and has stable performance. It’s a micro framework and has a lots of extensions. So it’s lightweight and configurable. I believe we will continue to use flask as the mainly web service framework for a long time. The latest version is 0.12.2.
  2. Sanic. https://github.com/channelcat/sanic This is a magical tool, it’s improve the web service performance by using asynchronous technology by Python 3.5+. In practical application, I think flask is enough. Flask can easily do hundreds concurrent in basic server on the cloud. But I believe it, The performance improvement is endless. In particular, the introduction of more and more Micro-Services framework requires that web service framework has strong ability. Sanic web framework much like flask, therefore, the learning and migration costs are relatively low.The latest version is 0.6.0.
  3. Eve. https://github.com/pyeve/eve Eve framework is based on flask, and mainly target is Restful API. As mentioned above, Restful API based design has became the standard in today’s internet application. Eve framework through the configuration file to quickly setup the restful api program. Design of Eve is very smart, we can learn a lots of python programming skill from it.

Currently, based on Flask, I’m studying Sanic and Eve, first, improve program skill of web service. Second, improve my English. At last, python is a profound script language, we will study lots from these famous frameworks, and I will continue share my study notes here. Looking forward to everyone’s correction.


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