PyCharm 2017.3 发布


PyCharm 就是这样一款产品。PyCharm 2017.3 今天正式发布了,这次主要提升的是各类性能、科学计算、Rest 调试工具等,详细情况可以到 JetBrains 官网查看。

最近开始尝试用 Go 语言来进行服务端的测试,我始终不太喜欢 Java 的啰嗦。JetBrains 的 Go 语言工具目前还是在测试中,希望能够尽快提升功能和稳定性,现在这样一个月一个的早期测试版本使用起来也不是很方便。

I always think it’s a wonderful thing to keep upgrades in an agile way, because of the continuous promotion of features and performance and the close to the market, the product will be very competitive.

Pycharm is such a product. Pycharm 2017.3 was officially released today. The main promotion is all kinds of performance improved, scientific computing, Rest debugging tools, and so on. The details can be examined on the JetBrains website.

Recently I started trying to test writing server with the Go language. I don’t love Java verbose. JetBrains’s Go language tool is still in the early beta test, hope to improve the function and stability as soon as possible. It is not very convenient to use an early test version that I need update every month.



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